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Updated: Jan 3

Minneapolis Life Coach

What emotions do you typically experience? Are these the emotions you desire to feel? If not, read on, because you possess the power to manage your emotions without altering external circumstances. Keep in mind that while achieving constant happiness may be unrealistic, you do have control over both your thoughts and feelings.

Many of us haven't learned how to handle our emotions effectively and tend to react poorly when faced with negativity. Even I find myself occasionally behaving childishly, internally sulking when things don't go my way. I challenge you to acknowledge that every thought gives rise to an emotion, and these emotions drive your actions.

It's common to attribute our feelings to external circumstances, but it's our thoughts about those circumstances that actually generate our emotions. For instance, if your neighbor's cat is hit by a car, you might feel sadness if you like cats or happiness if you hold a different opinion. It's not the event itself that dictates your emotions; rather, it's your thoughts and beliefs about the situation. When you're unsure about your emotions, take a moment to explore your thoughts and beliefs, even those lurking in your subconscious.

Your thoughts are rooted in your beliefs, and long-standing beliefs may appear unquestionably true. We become stuck when we steadfastly believe that our thoughts are indisputable facts.

Once you identify your emotions, observe your physical and mental actions during those moments. Our actions reinforce our thoughts. Your capacity to achieve success in work, relationships, and health traces back to your thoughts and beliefs.

If this seems overwhelming or difficult to grasp right now, know that you're not alone. It took me several months to truly grasp my emotions and recognize the thoughts influencing them. There are still times when I'm tempted to treat my thoughts as absolute facts, requiring me to distinguish between reality and my thoughts through coaching. Once I accomplish that, I can process my emotions and decide whether to accept my initial thought or adjust it to a different truth.

Mastering this understanding and ability can truly transform your life. When you comprehend your thoughts and emotions, you take control of the steering wheel, deciding what to create in every aspect of your life. If you find this journey daunting, you're not alone, and I'd love to guide you. Sign up for a consultation to see if I can help. In the meantime, join my MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

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