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1:1 Coaching


Feeling overwhelmed or lost by life's demands? It's time to flourish again with personalized life coaching. Whether you're looking to boost your self-confidence, create clear direction and value in your life, lose weight or improve your relationships, our 1:1 coaching offers tailored support to help you succeed.


Imagine enhancing your time management skills, increasing productivity, and other tools to help you excel in your career and become a better parent. You'll also build resilience, making it easier to handle life's challenges and enjoy more fun and fulfillment.


Our coaching addresses both personal and professional aspects of your life, ensuring you develop the skills to navigate any situation. Experience faster transformation—up to 10 times quicker than on your own—so others will notice the positive changes in you.


Start your journey to a happier, healthier life today.

Happy Healthy Leadership is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for instant results without putting in effort.

  • You are not willing to invest time and resources in personal development to create change. 

  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your emotions or actions.

  • You are not willing or able to be honest and transparent with your coach.

  • You would rather dwell on problems vs seek solutions.

  • You have severe mental health issues and require professional therapy or psychiatric help.  (I am not a therapist).

  • You are happy with everything in your life and don't want to change anything.

  • Are not open to feedback or constructive criticism.


Empower Your Executives

Executives are on the frontlines building a positive culture and driving essential tasks forward. Great executives are masters of time management and interpersonal relationships. Yet, so many leaders struggle with overwhelming demands between their personal and professional lives that drain their energy and hinder their ability to lead effectively. 


We firmly believe that with the right care, support, and guidance, these leaders can shape a culture and value that has positive ripple effect on the entire company. Recognizing the toll recent years have taken on leaders, many companies are turning to coaching to reignite their leaders’ strengths and passions, empowering them to communicate their vision clearly and gain their enthusiasm for driving that vision forward.

Monthly Workshops:

Enhance your team's communication, leadership skills and culture with Cathi's customized 6-9 month workshop program.  Following a 360-review, she develops targeted sessions that promote growth, healthy communication and strong team dynamics.  

Some of the popular topics that are given include: 

  • Moving Through Fears and Judgements

  • Building Confidence for Productivity

  • Mastering Time Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Expectations and Actions

  • Developing the Next Leaders

Half-Day and Full Day Workshops

Have Cathi customize a half or full day workshop to inspire your team, build connection and create agreements on future goals.  Whether this is for a team within a company or small group of people looking to grow personally and professionally.  Cathi conducts a personalized workshop to help people get vulnerable and connect with what matters.  

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