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Invite Cathi to Inspire Your Team


Elevate your next company gathering by inviting Cathi to engage and motivate your team. With her dynamic presentations, Cathi will empower your team to explore new depths of confidence, cultivate compassion, and build a foundation for a resilient corporate culture. Her insights are designed to enhance communication, boost productivity, and strengthen your organization's core.


Explore Cathi’s Three Transformative Presentations:


1. Living Fully: Activate Peak Mental and Physical Health: Step into a life-changing journey with Cathi where you’ll discover the secret to balancing mental and physical health. She will inspire you to weave joy into your daily pursuits, creating a sustained enthusiasm that transcends the typical approach to health and personal challenges. This session is not just about setting goals—it’s about transforming them into passions that last a lifetime.


2. Compassionate Leadership for Business Success: Unlock the power of empathy in this compelling presentation where Cathi shows you how compassion can revolutionize the workplace. Learn innovative strategies to increase job satisfaction, spark unprecedented creativity, and foster an environment where communication shifts from judgment to curiosity and understanding. This is a game-changing perspective that you’ll want to integrate into your leadership style immediately.


3. Lead Boldly: Unleash Your Leadership Potential: Embark on a transformative exploration of emotional intelligence with Cathi as your guide. Discover how understanding your emotions can dramatically enhance your decision-making, streamline your communication, and boost your team’s efficiency. This session will equip you with tools to cut through stress and lead with confidence and insight—skills that will elevate your professional and personal life.


Invite Cathi to your next event and witness the transformation in your team’s approach to leadership and communication.


Monthly Workshops:


Enhance your team's communication, leadership skills and culture with Cathi's customized 6-9 month workshop program.  Following a 360-review, she develops targeted sessions that promote growth, healthy communication and strong team dynamics.  

Some of the popular topics that are given include: 

  • Moving Through Fears and Judgements

  • Building Confidence for Productivity

  • Mastering Time Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Expectations and Actions

  • Developing the Next Leaders

Half-Day and Full Day Workshops

Have Cathi customize a half or full day workshop to inspire your team, build connection and create agreements on future goals.  Whether this is for a team within a company or small group of people looking to grow personally and professionally.  Cathi conducts a personalized workshop to help people get vulnerable and connect with what matters.  

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