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Minneapolis Life and Wellness Coach

Increasing Emotional Intelligence to reduce stress & turnover and improve culture

Lead with Impact, Embrace Confidence, Live Fully

Grow professionally and personally  through Emotional Intelligence!

Leveling up professionally while maintaining a fulfilling personal life is hard. It often feels like time is against you, or you’re constantly juggling the demands of work, family, and self-care. We’ve all been there. The trick isn’t adding hours to the day; it’s mastering how you handle your time and circumstances throughout the day. Working with Cathi helps you manage it all and unlock your true potential.


At Happy Healthy Leadership, we believe you can achieve your professional goals without constant hustle. You can advance without sacrificing family time or neglecting self-care. We understand firsthand the demands placed on leaders, constraining your time. That’s why we do what we do. We help leaders gain confidence, refine their strengths, communicate clearly and overcome obstacles that are holding them back.


Here’s how we do it:


  1. Schedule a call with Cathi and learn how coaching can specifically help you. 

  2. Attend Bi-weekly calls to learn about the small changes that make a big impact for you.

  3. Develop effortless habits that catapult you as a leader and individual. 

These 3 steps you will propel you into the future leader that you aspire to be. 


In the meantime, sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay in touch. I share monthly tips and inspiration to help leaders journey. Stop wasting time on things that don’t make a difference and start elevating as a happier, healthier leader.



Cathi Williams' leadership journey was driven by a personal transformation that began in college. Overcoming early struggles with insecurity and comfort eating, she discovered the emotional roots of her cravings and the value of mindful eating. This personal growth enabled her to step into a leadership role, helping others create success in their professional and personal lives.


Cathi has over 20 years coaching individuals and groups such as Best Buy and Wells Fargo.  Starting in 2003, she has helped thousands of clients reduce stress, achieve healthier lifestyles as a personal trainer and wellness coach.  In 2014, she founded her own business, speaking and coaching on emotional intelligence to help people reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, grow as leaders and reduce turnover. Her ability to ask questions with curiosity and without judgement creates a safe space for people to communicate and create changes within themselves.  


Cathi is passionate about helping people achieve goals they thought were unattainable. She specializes in emotional intelligence, time management, wellness, stress-reduction and goal setting.  Whether it's through speaking, team workshops, or individual coaching she delivers dynamic and transformative experiences that inspire positive change and drive success.


By blending her personal journey with professional expertise, Cathi offers a unique perspective that resonates deeply with those she coaches and speaks to. Her story is a testament to the power of overcoming personal challenges and leading with empathy, strength, and resilience.


Why work with Cathi?

  • Master Your Time: Streamline your daily tasks by identifying and eliminating time drains.  Create more space for what truly matters, whether it's enhancing your health, enjoying quality family time or advancing your career.

  • Gain More Confidence: Walk away with a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses so you can communicate clearer and make better, more confident decisions. Elevate your self assurance and step into your full potential. 

  • Become a More Empathetic Leader: Harness emotional intelligence techniques to navigate stress and overwhelm.  Align your actions with your true aspirations, fostering a more empathetic and effective leadership style. 

  • Break Barriers: Uncover and address the obstacles holding you back. Through targeted strategies, transform habits that hinder your progress and create ones that promote peace and clarity.  Achieve meaningful changes and unlock your true potential.  



See what other leaders have to say about transforming their lives with Cathi.

users review about Happy Healthy Leadership

Amy Theisen

Minneapolis, MN

Cathi has a natural ability to engage and motivate an audience as a speaker. She presented eye opening information that helped people understand the why and how to move through areas where they are stuck. She left our audience with actionable takeaways on what they can do to grow as a leader, individual and business owner.

users review about Happy Healthy Leadership

Tom Mayer

Minneapolis, MN

My company hired Cathi Williams for a series of wellness programs that were really well received by our employees. She has an inspiring personal story that really connects and engages using a combination of group and individual formats. Our management team was able to see real and significant results from the pre and post training assessment tools that Cathi uses to measure her impact. She's an expert who is approachable, easy to work with and always positive. I would absolutely hire Cathi if I ever get the opportunity again.

users review about Happy Healthy Leadership

Erin Danen

Milwaukee, WI

Cathi provided a group session for an Entrepreneur group that I am a part of. She led an extremely informative, thought provoking and fun experience. I did a break out session with her and she really helped me to focus on changing my mindset for personal growth. Thank you, Cathi!



I would love to connect with you and help you on your journey.  Schedule a free discovery call with me, or sign up for my monthly emails to stay in the know. 

Sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay in touch and get tips and inspiration to help you on your journey.

Call me at: 651-767-2432

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